Welcome to the BNL FAQ. This is going up as a replacement/addendum to the FAQ from Gordon's Place, which has not been updated since 1999. I will preserve some of the format of that FAQ, and rewrite entries for others. New questions have also been added. For as many as I can find, I will try to include band quotes so that you may get the answer direct from a primary source.

This FAQ is based off of Rock It Old School. The document is now maintained by TheHYPO. Send any updates or corrections or anything with the subject of BNL FAQ.

To use the original disclaimer:
I make no claims as to the validity of any statement contained herein. If anything here is false, it's because that's the way it was told to me...

Version History
1.0 11/11/03 Brand new FAQ, brand new numbering system. Enjoy.
1.01 11/20/03 Fixed some minor details, added a few questions.
1.02 10/16/05 Did some cleanup and some minor updates

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FAQ Frequently Asked Question(s)
[Or a list answering them]
BNL Barenaked Ladies
BC Brothers Creeggan (Jim & Andy's project)
TB Thin Buckle (Kevin's band)

MYSD Maybe You Should Drive
BOAPS Born On A Pirate Ship
D1 Disc One
E2E/EtoE/EtE Everything To Everyone
Common Songs:
BW Brian Wilson
IIHAMD If I Had a $1,000,000
OA Old Apartment
OW One Week
IABD It's All Been Done
PM Pinch Me
TLTL Too Little Too Late
FFFT Falling For The First Time
AP Another Postcard

Index of Questions
Section 1: About Barenaked Ladies - General
  1.1 - What is Barenaked Ladies?
1.2 - Who are the members of BNL?
1.3 - What's with the name?
1.4 - What material has BNL released?
1.5 - How did BNL form?
1.6 - What happened to Andy / Where did Kevin come from?
1.7 - What is Don't Talk Dance?
1.8 - What is Brothers Creeggan?
1.9 - What is Thin Buckle?
1.10 - What is Boyce's Road?
1.11 - Do Steve or Ed have any side projects?
1.12 - Is there a BNL fan club?
1.13 - Does BNL have an authorized biography?
1.14 - What are the band's musical influences?
1.15 - Who is the guy on stage dressed as God/Chef/Cowboy/Bald Guy with Glasses?
1.16 - How can I contact the band?
1.17 - What is the word on Bootlegging BNL?
Section 2: The Releases - Albums, Videos, Music Vids, etc.
  2.1 - What are these Demo tapes I keep hearing about?
2.2 - What are these Promos I keep hearing about?
2.3 - Why are there two covers for Gordon?
2.4 - What is Barenaked In America? Where can I get it?
2.5 - Who is the girl in the Alternative Girlfriend video?
2.6 - Who are the people on the album covers of their albums?
Section 3: The Songs - General
  3.1 - Where can I find a list of all non-album BNL songs?
3.2 - What is a B-Side? What are the B-Sides off of all the albums?
3.3 - What is the story with Lovers In A Dangerous Time?
3.4 - I remember seeing them on FOX a long time ago doing a PSA - Ed was dressed like an alien
3.5 - Is McDonald's Girl an original BNL song? Why don' t they play it anymore?
3.6 - What other BNL songs are covers?
3.7 - What about Mariuanaville, or Gin and Juice, or Buddy Holly?
3.8 - What are the Naked Tracks?
3.9 - Who gets to sing lead on the songs?
3.10 - Why is Ed singing lead so much lately? Is this a coup to kick Steve out of the band? Run Steve!
Section 4: The Songs - What Are They About?
  4.1 - What city is Hello City about?
4.2 - Who is Enid?
4.3 - Who is Jane Saint Clair?
4.4 - Who is Brian Wilson?
4.5 - Is Straw Hat and Old Dirty Hank about Anne Murray?
4.6 - What are the specific references in One Week?
Section 5: The Songs - Lyrics
  5.1 - Where can I find the lyrics to [name of song]?
5.2 - Why are the lyrics for certain songs different from those listed in the liner notes?
5.3 - Why do some of the songs sung at BNL's concerts have different lyrics than the album versions?
5.4 - Do BNL songs contain lyrics from songs by other artists?
5.5 - Is that Depeche Mode at the beginning of Enid?
5.6 - What's Ed singing at the end of Enid?
5.7 - What are the "secret noises" in Crazy?
Section 6: In-Jokes/References
  6.1 - What's with the red, white, and blue ball?
6.2 - What's Kraft Dinner? Why is it important?
6.3 - What else is thrown onstage?


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